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What is Hypnosis?

The General Hypnotherapy Register defines it as 'a state of mind enhanced by (although not exclusively) mental and physical relaxation, in which our subconscious is able to communicate with our conscious mind.'

In short, it is a method of changing your thoughts, behaviors and even your body’s biochemistry using the power of your imagination. It is one of the quickest ways to make lasting changes to your health and life.

You may not be aware of it but hypnosis occurs naturally and is something we all experience on a daily basis. It is the natural communication that takes place between these two levels of the mind but we are usually not aware of it. When we daydream we are in a state of natural hypnosis. You cannot be ‘made’ to do something - your subconscious will not allow it! All the power and control lies within you. 

It will however, allow you to reach a deep state of relaxation and you may sense being very absorbed in your inner thoughts and feelings. The unconscious mind (the emotional part responsible for all change) can be receptive to accept positive suggestions and/or remove limiting beliefs, in order to help you achieve your goals. It is the unconscious part of the mind that works where will power cannot.
While in this state of deep relaxation, or trance, it is also possible to recall events from the past that may have been repressed. Analytical hypnotherapy (Hypno-Analysis) or regression can be used to find and remove the originating cause of the problem for a complete and lasting release (as opposed to merely controlling the symptoms by dieting, anti-depressants, smoking or drinking). Emotional problems respond particularly well to this form of Hypnotherapy. 

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Meet the Hypnotherapist

Rebecca Gooch

Rebecca Gooch is a qualified hypnotherapist and Counsellor with Diplomas in Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Counselling. She is based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. 

For the last six years she has worked for Children's Services, providing intense parenting support to parents as well as therapeutic support to children, teenagers, parents and grandparents. This has given her a clear understanding of the difficulties and pressures anyone can find themselves facing at any time of their life. She has also volunteered with two very worthy local therapeutic charities; Sorted Youth Counselling Services and Reclaim LIfe. 

Originally choosing to study therapy from a person-centred perspective, she now works in a more integrative way, giving her greater flexibility to match the therapy with each individual client. This can include CBT, solution-focussed, NLP techniques, guided visualisation and hypnotherapy. 

Rebecca first became interested in hypnotherapy after experiencing the rapid results of hypnotherapy first hand. She wanted to be able to offer this experience to clients, alongside more traditional therapy techniques and counselling. After several years of searching for a course that was 'the right fit', she enrolled with Master Hypnotherapist and Harley Street Practitioner, Andrew Parr and now uses the powerful 'Deep Transformation Hypnosis Method' he developed through his 20 plus years of experience in the field. This hypnotherapy method allows her to safely regress the client back to the rood cause of their problem in order to help them break free from what is holding them back, heal the past and move on with their life.

What Sorts of Problems Can Be Helped?

• Anxiety
• Trauma
• Childhood abuse/trauma
• Bereavement
• Depression
• Low self esteem
• Lack of confidence and assertiveness
• Relationship problems
• Alcohol problems
• Drug problems
• Anger problems
• Work related stress​​​​​​​

• Feeling ‘lost or ‘stuck’
• Bedwetting
• Phobias and fears
• Exam related stress
• Bullying
• Nail biting
• Sleep problems
• Panic attacks
• Over thinking
• Smoking
• Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder)
• Blushing

• Comfort eating
• Domestic abuse
• Guilt
• Habits
• Loneliness
• Pain relief
• Performance anxiety
• Public speaking
• Rejection
• Sexual problems
• Stammering and stuttering
• Pregnancy and childbirth
​​​​​​​• And More...

Qualifications and Accredidations

• Accredited Practitioner for Triple P Positive Parenting Programme
• Accredited Practitioner for Mellow Parenting Programme
• Accredited Practitioner for Strengthening Families Programme
​​​​​​​• Registered practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Register​​​​​​​

• Certificate in The Freedom Programme for Domestic Abuse
• Certificate in Protective Behaviours Training 
• Certificate in working with Sexualised Trauma
• Enhanced DBS checked (for both children and adults)
• The Rewind Technique for PTSD, panic attacks and phobias

• Diploma in Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis (issued by Andrew Parr Training Ltd.)
• Level 5 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (person-centred)
• Fully Insured
• Enhanced DBS checked for working with children and adults


 Sessions cost £60. 
Your first session (up to 2 hours) includes an in-depth initial chat to get a clear understanding of the issue you want help with. 

Sessions thereafter - 1 hour at £60.

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